Mina Chang Biography | Carrer, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Birthday, Husband

Mina Chang Biography

Quick Facts About Mina Chang

AGE – 36 Years (as of October 2020)


BORN PLACE – Dallas, Texas, United States

NET WORTH – USD 600K Approx. (as of 2019)

HEIGHT – 5 Feet and 8 Inches, 173 Centimeters, 1.73 Meters

WEIGHT – 62 Kg Approx.

BIRTHDAY – October 29, 1984

PHONE NUMBER – (310) 35151XX Alleged Number


SIBLINGS – Sony Chang, Abigail Chang

HUSBAND – Jake Harriman


PROFESSION – Politician

CHILDRENS – Trinity (Daughter)

JOB – U. S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

EMAIL – [email protected]

Who is Mina Chang?

Mina Chang, a Korean-American, is a singer and activist. Chang is also a former United States government official as Deputy Assistant Secretary until her resignation in 2019 because of her false claims about her qualification and charity work. This falsification came into highlight by NBC News investigation, including a Fake Time magazine cover with Chang’s face on it.

Early Life

According to Chang, she is the child of two Salvation Army officers; she grew up in Atlanta. In an interview in May 2014, she stated that she first became interested in music while in college and began writing songs in Korean.

She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, as she stated. Chang also added on her LinkedIn page about her work with the United Nations. Specifically, she worked with humanitarian relief in the organization.

Mina Chang claimed to hold a degree in International Development from the University of Hawaii; however, University declined that Mina Chang of her age is not in their records and doesn’t offer a degree in International Development.


In 2009, Mina Chang started her career as a singer and released an album. An article says that she had a flourishing career as an international pop singer, recording albums in both English and Korean.

After 2010, Mina Chang did volunteer work. Later on, she joined the Korean-based non-profit organization “Linking the World.” She then became the president and CEO of this organization between 2012 -2014 and moves its office to Dallas, Texas.

Writer Kimberly Chuck gave her “renowned humanitarian” name after her speech at Asia Society Texas Center’s Women’s leadership in 2017.

In April 2019, Mina Chang was appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the United States Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations. However, In November 2019, Chang resigned from her post at the United States Department of State.

In her resignation letter, Chang stated, “It is essential that my resignation be seen as a protest and not as a surrender because I will not surrender my commitment to serve, my fidelity to the truth, or my love of country.”

Mina Chang’s official state Department profile details a long career working in the non-profit sector focusing on humanitarian aid in countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, the Philippines, and Nigeria.

Mina Chang’s Marriage

Mina Chang is in marriage with Jake Harriman. Harriman is a graduate of the U.S Naval Academy and served in the Marine corps. According to his Twitter page, Harriman is the founder of Nuru International, which seeks to end extreme poverty in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Mina Chang has a daughter named Trinity with her former husband. She said in the interviewer,” I want my daughter to grow up in a world where the classmates don’t take school for granted, where she doesn’t take school for granted.”

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