About Us

It’s human nature to be interested in people who are famous, people in the news, and people who make the news. We all want to know who are the top influencers, singers, actors, painters, footballers, aviators, magicians, chefs, socialites, environmentalists, and so on.

Though everyone has their own favorites, they are based on individual biases and preferences. What may appeal to one person may not appeal to another. The problem then is how to curate a list of top personalities in different spheres of life and rank them. That’s how the idea of BiograpyVerse occurs.

We consider that the wisdom of the crowd is better than the wisdom of few experts. Our lists are based on a wide spectrum of opinions—including the insights given by our audience and the latest social media trends. This data is then filtered by our intelligent technology which helps churn out the most definitive and credible rankings of famous personalities.

Our aim is simple, that anyone can get as many details as they want about the person that they are looking for.